Our Story...From One Mom To Another

As women we go through so many changes during pregnancy and shopping during this time can be tedious, not to mention the stress of shopping online while pregnant. Chic Bump Club was born when I was pregnant with my first child. Pre pregnancy shopping was a breeze especially online, but as my body changed so did this. I launched Chic Bump Club based off of styles I was wearing during my pregnancy and styles I wished I could wear but just couldn't find.

Working during pregnancy to put together a collection of styles helped me bring styles that would not only look stylish and beautiful but were also practical and comfortable for pregnant women. My goal was to create a Maternity Occasion wear collection that was flattering on all body types no matter how much we do or don't change during pregnancy. Weddings, Birthdays, bridesmaid duties, galas etc all still come up during pregnancy and who doesn't want to look and feel amazing for special events. 

I am proud to say Chic Bump Club is still Mom ran, we fit our styles on real pregnant women and all styles are chosen and designed to not only look amazing and glamorous but also to be comfortable. We also want to bring convenience back to shopping for pregnant women, for this reason all 95% of our styles are ready to ship and can be delivered as soon was 1- 2days from ordering. We are US based and Ship worldwide.

Chic Bump Club Styles are sold exclusively on our website. Since our launch we have had the pleasure of dressing thousands of moms to be in our styles including many who are expecting twins and triplets. Please visit our customer gallery and social media pages to see glowing Moms to be in there Chic Bump Club Outfits. 

I hope you enjoy our styles as much as I have enjoyed creating this collection for Moms to be.



Founder -Chic Bump Club